Teachings and Talks

Swamiji, Sita Devi and Jai Narain

These are notes transcribed and compiled by Jai Narain, a devotee of Swami Ambikananda.

The notes are in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat software. You can download this free from Adobe

1989-1997 Theme
Talk at Glen Lodge, 13 May 1997 (PDF 30 kb) spiritual life, yoga
Kirtan at Corfton Rd, 15 February 1997 (PDF 39 kb) meditation
Kirtan in Newbury excerpts, 29 October 1994 (PDF 22 kb) God is in his name
Kirtan at Corfton Rd excerpts, 31 May 1993 (PDF 53 kb) aids to reformation
Kirtan at Exeter Rd, 20 February 1993 (PDF 30 kb) how to call on God
Talk at the Old Vicarage, 30 October 1992 (PDF 21 kb) avoid the artificial
Talk at Ramakrishna Loka, August 1992(PDF 72 kb) the seed is sown
1985-1988 Theme
Talk at the Old Vicarage, 8 July 1988 (PDF 18 kb) light, faith
Kirtan at Oxford Gdns, response to reading from the GSR, 18 July 1986 (PDF 27 kb) love, true essence
Talk at Ramakrishna Loka, 24 March 1986 (PDF 33 kb) repentance, practise
1984-1982 Theme
Talk at Ramakrishna Loka, 13 October 1984 (PDF 26 kb) Satsang, music, chanting
Talk at Ramakrishna Loka, 31 March 1984 (PDF 21 kb) breath, experience
Talk at Ramakrishna Loka cont, 31 March 1984 (PDF 23 kb) Christ and Ramakrishna
Kirtan at Keyes Rd, 18 February 1984 (PDF 36 kb) the devotee
Kirtan at Swiss Cottage, 21 January 1984 (PDF 33 kb) discrimination
Talk at Kedarnath, 1 January 1982 (PDF 17 kb) be born in God
1977-1981 Theme
Kirtan at Oxford Gdns, 28 November 1981 (PDF 24 kb) how to realise God
Talk at Kedarnath, 17 April 1981 (PDF 33 kb) Ramakrishna, the Self
Kirtan at Oxford Gdns, Swamiji talking to Raja Ram, 11 April 1981 (PDF 52 kb) the guru, meditation
Also available
This My Unknown Life (published in 2009) are the teachings of Swamiji compiled by Jainarain at his request.

Le Repas De L'Ame, Swamiji's teachings compiled by Satchitanada. English translation also available.

All about Ambikananda, Jai Narain posts Swamiji's teachings on his blog.