Music and songs

Swamiji at Corfton Rd

Swamiji sang and played music to God all his life. It was central to his teachings and he said it created a spiritual vibration.

The ashram came together around the music of Quintessence and everyone was encouraged to sing, dance and play.

A selection of music and songs from kirtans (mp3) Venue
I am a true lover of Sri Ramakrishna (Tryambaka) Corfton Rd, 8 Feb 95
Give me pure bhakti (Maha Yogini) Corfton Rd, 13 Nov 93
She dances in the lotus of the heart (Shiva Shakti) Newbury, 6 Nov 93
Hallowed Be Brahman (Sita Devi) Buckley Rd, 20 Sep 86
Jai Ma (Sita Devi) Kings Cross, 28 Feb 82
Ganga Mai (Sita Devi) Kings Cross, 23 Jan 82
Ecstatic love of God (Swamiji and devotees) Eithin, 6 Jan 81
O Mother make me mad with Thy love (Swamiji and devotees) Quintessence, 17 Jan 80
Saraswati (Sita Devi) 1980
Let me lay my head (Tryambaka, Skanda) 1980
Jai Ramakrishnaya (Maha Yogini) 1980
O Lord Dweller Within (Swamiji and devotees) 1980
Gopala Hari Gopala (Swamiji) Kings Cross, 10 February 79
Ah the full moon (Swamiji and devotees) 1978
O Thou Lord Supreme (Swamiji and devotees) 1978
O Mother ever blissful as Thou art (Swamiji) Eithin, 28 Aug 76
Krishna (Swamiji) Kings Cross, 23 Dec 74
You are to be adored (Swamiji) Home Farm House, 11 Nov 74
Blessed indeed is the wearer of the loin cloth (Swamiji) Flanders Rd, 74/73